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Early Childhood Education

At Sheridan Hills Christian School's Preschool, we carefully nurture each child’s growth. Learning spans across academic, social-emotional, physical, character, and spiritual development. In bright learning spaces, our Infant to Pre-Kindergarten learners connect with valuable information through purposeful play, creative learning centers, and fun, meaningful interactions with teachers and peers.

We believe a solid foundation in the early years results in excellent benefits that impact children’s overall development and support their experience as learners. Our curriculum focuses on helping children develop a love for learning and readiness skills in the areas of reading, math, language, social studies, science, health, the arts, and motor development.

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Lourdes Gonzalez
Head of Lower School


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Children are taught through the telling of stories of the Old and New Testaments with an emphasis on Bible verse memorization. Students learn names, sounds and pictures of all the letters in the alphabet, counting, and number recognition. Children are engaged in motor skills development, music, art, and poetry. Teachers promote social development by setting up learning centers in the classrooms where children learn how to play together and share. 

CurriculumAbeka Preschool,  Abeka Bible for Preschoolers


Children engage in Bible memorization and continue to learn stories of the Bible. Emphasis is placed on teaching students to recognize all the letters and letter sounds, recognizing numbers 1-30, counting, number sequence, improving listening skills, following directions, and practicing hand-eye coordination as they learn and improve writing skills. Structured activities include: Bible time, Music & Arts, Letters and Numbers, Writing Center, and Science and Sensory Experience.

CurriculumAbeka Preschool,  Abeka Bible for Preschoolers



In our program for 4 year olds, children learn and review vowel and consonant sounds, blends, one- and two-vowel words, words with special sounds, and sentence comprehension. Writing skills are also practiced daily. Children are introduced to poetry, story time, and phonic reading books that are an excellent introduction to independent reading.


Children will develop mathematical skills through planned activities in classifying, making patterns, number sequencing, number words, learning to tell time, and learning about coins and money. In social studies, children will learn about the beginnings of American history, countries around the world, and simple geography. Science units on the five senses, the weather, seasons, seeds, animals, and the ocean will also teach them about the amazing wonders of God’s design in this world He has created.

CurriculumAbeka K4,  Saxon Math K5, Abeka Bible for K5

Spiritual Development

Young children begin to make concrete connections about their need for a Savior early in life. We ask God to help us follow His command of training children in the way they should go, so when they grow, they will not depart from Him. We gather together daily before class in our main hallway for morning worship time. Our Principal leads the children in the singing of songs and hymns in adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ. We also hold a weekly chapel for preschool students. 

Additional Forms

Preschool Required Forms for Enrollment
*required for all K2-K4 students

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