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Upper School

The Upper School at Sheridan Hills Christian School serves grades 7th through 12th in a college preparatory program with a Classical Christian focus. The Upper School averages between 200 and 250 students providing a balance between an intimate sized school community and training of each young person to be a mature adult. 

Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

The Upper School division features two tracks. The University track utilizes Honors and Advanced Placement courses to prepare students for success at the highest post-high school institutions. The College track uses advanced curriculum and instruction so its graduates can succeed at local and state institutions. Although students may not find all the academic options of a large school, Sheridan Hills Christian School provides an ample amount of Advanced Placement courses, fine arts classes, and general electives for a school of its size.

Student Development

Student growth is maximized when he or she actively participates in school athletics, performing arts, and the House System. Each activity allows for mentorship, discipleship, and lessons that last a lifetime. Upper School students attend weekly chapels and have Bible as a required course. Highlights of student life include the High School Retreat, Spring Formal, Senior Trip, High School Europe Trip and Homecoming Week. 

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Christy Chipman
Head of Upper School

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Angie Fertil
Assistant Head of Upper School

The House System

The House System at SHCS is designed to foster Christian community among students. Based in part on the House Systems in Ivy League universities, each House at SHCS is made up of students from all Upper School grades (7-12). This gives participants the opportunity to form friendships with those outside of their own classes, getting to know those who are both younger and older than them. The House System provides opportunities for leadership, as each House has a team of four student leaders and several associates. Each group also has a staff or faculty member in the role of Sponsor who helps to oversee the House and provides spiritual and practical guidance.

Point System

Students form strong bonds with one another, develop traditions, and participate in many fun activities throughout their years in the House System.  House members practice delegating, problem-solving, and creative thinking as the Houses compete in various friendly competitions throughout the year, including Lip Sync, Namesake Competition, Timed Art, and Mock Trial (among many others). Most importantly, the House System exists to help cultivate a community of accountability and Christian fellowship where students learn to love God and each other better through weekly devotions, prayer, and encouraging one another towards Christlikeness in all they do

The Houses

House Crests-Churchill blue no bkgrnd.png

Winston Churchill 

Nil sine Deo 
“Nothing without God.”

Values: Brotherhood. Loyalty. Reputation.

Colors: Blue

Background: Red, White (British flag colors)

Symbols: Three lions (England's version)

House Crests-Elliot orange no bkgrnd.png

Elisabeth Elliot

Florebo quocumque ferar 
“I will flourish wherever I am brought.”


Values: Meaningful work. Influence. Ambition.

Colors: Orange (worthy ambition), Gray (sincerity)

Background: Wheels (work), Flory (purity)

Symbols: Swallow (good news), Wheel (worker), Cenataur (eminence in field)

House Crests-Lewis black no bkgrnd.png

C.S. Lewis

Fides et ratio

“Faith and reason.”


Values: Pursuit of wisdom. Compassion. Purpose

Colors: Black (constancy), Gold (heaven minded)

Background: Flaunches (virtue and learning)

Symbols: Pegasus (poetic, messenger of God), Torch (truth and intelligence)

House Crests-Truth Green no bkgrnd.png

Sojourner Truth

Veritas liberabit vos 

“Truth shall set you free.”


Values: Restoration. Sisterhood. Hope.

Colors: Green (Hope), White (Peace)

Background: Embattled line/crenulation-- fortress/passion

Symbols: Rose (Hope/joy), Swan (Harmony)

House Crests-Ten Boom red no bkgrnd.png

Corrie Ten Boom 

 Etiam si omnes, ego non

“Even if all others, not I.”


Values: Integrity. Courage. Selflessness. 

Colors: Red (Warrior, magnanimity), Black (constancy)

Background: St. Andrew's cross (resolution), Potente Line (courage through adversity)

Symbols: Lion (dauntless courage), Catherine's wheel (trials), anchor (steadfastness)

House Crests-Wilberforce purple no bkgrnd.png

William Wilberforce 

In omnia caritas

“In all things, charity.”


Values: Leadership. Justice. Peace.

Colors: Purple (justice), Silver (peace)

Background: Shield (protection), Dovetailed line (strength)

Symbols: Hand in armor (leadership), Dove (peace), Dagger (justice)

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