Infant - 6th Grade

During the foundational years, the focus will be on acquiring the building blocks of information. We will emphasize memorization of concrete facts. We will be teaching our students to develop strong skills in language, math, and science.


7th Grade - 9th Grade

During the understanding phase, students will begin to think more analytically and critically. We will impart the principles comprehension, and understanding reasoning. Students will learn to think clearly, synthesize information across subject areas, and debate in a respectful manner.


10th - 12th Grade

In this phase high school students need independence and

self-expression. Students will begin to learn to write and speak with force and originality. We will continue to emphasize S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) which we orginate in  




Sheridan Hills Christian School is a Christ-centered, biblically-based college preparatory school that disciples students, supports parents, and equips teachers to be influencers in a classical tradition of academic excellence founded on faith in Jesus Christ.