Audrice Louis - Class of 2017.

When I first started Sheridan in seventh grade, I didn’t really know what to expect. All I saw was a small school where everyone knew each other, and I was one of the few new students in my class.  As the years went by I notices that having this type of intimacy in school had its advantages. I was able to develop relationships with my teachers and better understand my classmates, so much so that I still keep in contact with most of them today.


In my junior year, I had a difficult time with my faith and how to approach situations that I didn’t understand. Mrs. Chipman had Girls of Devotion, G.O.D., in her classroom every Friday during lunch. The high school girls were able to talk more about God’s word and Mrs. Chipman gave us more wisdom about the word. My senior year, Ms. Zell encouraged all the students in her AP Calculus class to do their best no matter how tough the class got.  The course is not for the faint in heart, it requires many hours of dedication and practice; so much so I spent almost every day in that help class striving to do my best because Ms. Zell cared. She wanted me to succeed. She could have told me to do my best and not provide extra practice test for the final exam, but she did. 


The teachers and administrators at Sheridan do not work there because of how much they get paid. They yearn to be closer to God and to help future generations seek a similar relationship with him as well. I am thankful for having the opportunity to spend six years at this wonderful school.  Because of the education and wisdom attained at Sheridan Hills, I was able to apply and get accepted to one of the Top 10 Universities in Florida and Top 50 schools in the nation.