technology at shcs

Technology can be a powerful tool when properly used. SHCS students begin typing and basic coding classes in K5. Upper School students may take courses such as Graphic Design, AP Computer Science Principles, and Computer Art and Design (CAD). These courses provide skills in areas such as the Adobe Creative Cloud, building apps, computer design, coding, and much more. Students are able to create through the medium of technology. They are given the foundational skills to succeed in a 21st century environment.

Sheridan Hills Christian School believes that technology is an important instrument in the hands of our students. We do not wish to further inundate our students’ lives with unnecessary technology but we do equip our students in its practical uses and inspire them to lead in areas of potential innovations.  We strive to balance the best of new technological practices with our traditional methods of instruction.  A small selection of textbooks are available online for those who wish to use them. Student cell phones are expected to remain in their lockers during school hours.


Facilities & Resources

The following are available on campus for student use:

  • Computer lab

  • Two mobile laptop labs

  • Library computers


Student Use of Technology

  • Regular projects utilizing Word documents and PowerPoint (6th-12th)

  • Quarterly assessments using STAR Reading and STAR math programs (K5-10th) and Accelerated Reader (AR)

  • Technology courses (see below)


Technology Courses

Lower School students have weekly computer classes that instruct students in the following areas:

  • Typing Skills

  • Basic Coding

  • Essentials of Computer Use

Upper School courses instruct students on coding, the Adobe Suite, 3-D Design, and other related software. The courses included:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles

  • Graphic Design

  • Computer Art & Design (CAD)


Parent Communication

SHCS utilizes Renweb in the following areas:

  • Parent 24/7 access to student grades and assignments

  • Parent emails regarding grades, attendance, and discipline

  • Student lunch accounts